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The Story of NAI

The Neuro-Acupuncture Institute (NAI) came to life when a group of colleagues and patients realized the remarkable results achieved by Drs. Jason and Linda Hao and the importance of sharing their expertise with other practitioners and physicians. For many in this group, their experience was direct and personal. If their lives could improve so dramatically, so could others. The demand for treatment of central nervous system disorders is extremely high, with so many people suffering from a poor quality of life. 

In addition to their thriving practices in New Mexico, the Hao’s have spent years traveling the world teaching other practitioners their methodology. Recognizing the need for a central location where practitioners could go to learn from Drs. Hao, the group formed a Board of Directors, then filed for 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in 2015. The Board’s vision supported the Hao’s dream – to educate, research, and eventually, build a wellness and rehabilitation facility where practitioners could further develop their skills as well as the science of Neuroacupuncture in an integrative medical environment. In June 2017, NAI launched the first Level I course with great interest from the acupuncture and medical community. Since then, more than 150 practitioners have entered the three-level training program to learn from the experts, as NAI continues to grow.