• “I was already impressed with what I learned while I was at the training. I've been even more impressed once I got home and back into the clinic. I have already used the Neuroacupuncture on more than 20 people and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! In addition to the actual new information I received I think I really had a huge benefit in my confidence and ability to integrate after attending the training. It was nice to come back and have the opportunity to start putting into practice right away after 5 days of immersion.” ~Stephen Corsale, Oct. 2017

  • “Dr. Hao—I took your workshop this past weekend. I just used your neuro-acupuncture on my patient with shoulder pain. She has not felt this good in 2 years! She was crying because she felt such relief. Thank you for teaching us how to use this technique to reduce suffering. I am a believer!” ~Molly D.

  • Neuro-Acupuncture Patient Testimonial

    “I gotta say…I woke up feeling 80% of my old self…figured I would test Dr. Hao…just did 2 miles running…feel fine. Crazy! I haven’t been able to do that in years, so whatever he is teaching…master it!” ~Chris P.

  • “As soon as I left the rehab hospital they said there was nothing I could do, nothing out there that could help... End of the first week, that would have been the fourth treatment, I noticed I could start to move my left leg. Which, I had not moved anything on my left leg in four and a half years. That got me really excited and I’m sitting there thinking, ‘Oh crap, now I actually have to believe what he’s doing is real.’ ” ~Kevin, Spinal Cord Injury Patient

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    “Water quiets all the noise, all the distractions, and connects you to your own thoughts.” – Wallace J. Nichols

    The legendary waters of Sunrise Springs have been a source of rejuvenation and a sacred gathering place for weary travelers on the historic El Camino Real for millennia.

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