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Global Directory of NAI Practitioners

Find a Neuroacupuncture Practitioner Near You

Over 414 licensed acupuncture practitioners and physicians have begun the Comprehensive Training in Neuro-Acupuncture Program (CNTP) since the Institute's inception in June 2017. CNTP is a three-level, post-graduate specialization course which takes one and one half to two years to complete. The program is designed so that practitioners can immediately begin to implement Neuro-Acupuncture into their practice after the Level I training, with continued access to an online network of support from colleagues and professors from the Institute.

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Map Key:
 Pink Pins        Drs. Jason & Linda Hao & other Experts in Neuro-Acupuncture
 Green Pins      NAI Faculty & Supervisors
 Bronze Pins     Graduates of the CTNP, Level I
 Silver Pins       Graduates of the CTNP, Level II
 Gold Pins         Graduates of CTNP, Level III